The Fruit of the Holy Spirit as Spiritual Warfare
CD or DVD Series


God gives believers specialized weapons with which to fight spiritual battles. One powerful weapon against the enemy is the Fruit of the Holy Spirit. The enemy wants to steal, kill and destroy God’s promises and provision for His children in the Fruit of the Holy Spirit. Understanding these promises and putting them into action enable us to engage in effective warfare and successfully combat the enemy’s tactics.


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15 CD Audio Teaching Series

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14 DVD Video Teaching Series

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Through this powerful series, you will learn:

  • What the enemy wants to steal from us in each Fruit of the Holy Spirit
  • The difference between well-intentioned prayers and effective prayers
  • How to overcome the spirit of poverty and establish an eternal inheritance
  • Intimacy and relationship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit usher in righteousness, unity, redemption and repentance
  • How the God of Peace will crush Satan under our feet
  • Our most effective weapon against pride
  • Faith in God versus making His promises idols
  • Keys for victory in overcoming judgment and guilt
  • Effective strategy for evangelism
  • What weapon is indispensable for end time warfare

Content List

Session 1: Introduction to the Fruit of the Spirit as Spiritual Warfare (48 minutes)
Session 2: Love Part 1 (44 minutes)
Session 3: Love Part  (96 minutes)
Session 4: Joy (30 minutes)
Session 5: Peace (66 minutes)
Session 6: The Kingdom of God – Righteousness, Peace and Joy (22 minutes)
Session 7: Patience (42 minutes)

Session 8: Kindness (64 minutes)
Session 9: Goodness (50 minutes)
Session 10: Goodness and Mercy Triumph Over Judgment and Guilt (54 minutes)
Session 11: Goodness and Glory as Warfare Over the Spirit of Leviathan/Pride (57 minutes)
Session 12: Faith (80 minutes)
Session 13: Gentleness (77 minutes)
Session 14: Self-Control (62 minutes)


The Fruit of the Holy Spirit as Spiritual Warfare: Companion Guide


Written in a detailed outline format, “The Fruit of the Holy Spirit as Spiritual Warfare: Companion Guide accompanies “The Fruit of the Holy Spirit as Spiritual Warfare” CD/DVD teaching series. It is most effectively used in conjunction with the CD or DVD teaching series and not as a stand-alone. 121 pages.



Spirit-to-Spirit Blessings


Spirit-to-Spirit blessings specialize in ministering to the human spirit from the fruit of the Holy Spirit. Father God created each person with a spirit, soul and body.  Ministering to all three of these components is beneficial and empowering. The CD/DVD teaching series on “The Fruit of the Holy Spirit as Spiritual Warfare” focuses on ministering to the soul. These Spirit-to-Spirit Blessings build upon the CD/DVD teaching series. They can be used in conjunction with the CD/DVD series, or they can be used on their own.



Content List for Love

SSB Love 1 – God Is Love
SSB Love 2 – Everlasting Love
SSB Love 3 – Spirit, Soul and Body
SSB Love 4 – Victory Over Fear, Control and Witchcraft
SSB Love 5 – Love is a Person
SSB Love 6 – Love is God’s Nature
SSB Love 7 – Courage of Daniel
SSB Love 8 – God First Loved Us
SSB Love 9 – Love in Actions and Truth
SSB Love 10 – Do Everything With Love
SSB Love 11 – Love Covers All Sins
SSB Love 12 – God Rests in His Love for You

Content List for Joy

SSB Joy 1 – Expression of Joy
SSB Joy 2 – Joy, Righteousness and Perfect Love
SSB Joy 3 – Fullness of Joy
SSB Joy 4 – Joy for Mourning
SSB Joy 5 – God’s Joy Over You
SSB Joy 6 – Rejoice with Great Joy for Your King
SSB Joy 7 – Rejoice in the calling of the Lord for Others
SSB Joy 8 – Serving the Lord with Joy for the Abundance of Everything
SSB Joy 9 – Joy in Giving
SSB Joy 10 – Joy and Fragrance
SSB Joy 11 – Joy and Forgiveness
SSB Joy 12 – Joy to Counselors of Peace


Content List for Peace

SSB Peace 1 – Covenant of Peace
SSB Peace 2 – Peace to Guard Your Courage
SSB Peace 3 – Be Anxious for Nothing
SSB Peace 4 – Thanksgiving & Peace to Guard Your Heart & Mind
SSB Peace 5 – Peace to Guard Your Emotions
SSB Peace 7 – Peace Guards Your Heart & Mind From Toxic Relationships
SSB Peace 8 – The Covenant of Peace & the Lord of Hosts
SSB Peace 9 – Peace Guards Heart & Mind from Self-Protection
SSB Peace 10 – Peace as Warfare Against Witchcraft & Control
SSB Peace 11 – The Covenant of Peace and Sleep
SSB Peace 12 – The Covenant of Peace & Safety in Sleep