Humility Blessing

Beloved, as a member of the royal priesthood, your role is to be an ambassador and messenger of the Lord of Hosts (Mal 2:7). This responsibility of representing the Lord of Hosts is to be carried out in the humility of the Lord Jesus/Yeshua Ha Mashiach. I bless you to be clothed in humility. May you receive the blessings that come from being humble.

May you experience the Lord’s deliverance and salvation that is reserved for the humble (2 Sam 22:28; Psalm 18:27).

I bless you with humility so that you can seek the face of the Lord in prayer in order to turn away from all evil so that you may receive the forgiveness of the Lord (2 Chr 7:14). The prayers and repentance of the humble are essential for the Lord to bring healing to the land (2 Chr 7:14). I bless you with courage and faith to be truly humble. May you be blessed to see the results of your humility reflected in the Lord’s healing work in the land of your home, community, State and Nation.

I bless you with humility that is strength against being angry and taking revenge on behalf of yourself and/or others. The Lord remembers all wrongs committed against you. It is He who avenges the blood of the humble (Ps 9:12). May you find comfort and strength in the truth that the Lord remembers the cry of the humble (Ps 9:12).

As you continue and grow in humility, may you be blessed with the guidance of Lord concerning justice (Ps 25:9). May you continually lead a life of humility and offer the prayers of the humble for justice. The Lord hears the desires of the humble for justice (Ps 10:17). I bless you to experience the Lord preparing your heart, causing your ear to receive instruction from the Lord as to how to do justice for the fatherless and oppressed. May you have wisdom from the Lord that gives strategy to those who oppress that they may oppress no more (Ps 10:17-18).

May you receive the blessing of being taught the way of the Lord that results from your humility (Ps 25:9).

As you seek the Lord in humility, may you see Him and be filled with gladness. May your heart live as a result of blessings from seeking God in humility (Ps 69:32).

Since the Lord your God cares for you, may you completely trust Him with all your concerns. May you humble yourself under the mighty hand of the Lord your God. By doing so, may you be blessed by the Lord exalting you and lifting you to places of honor (Ps 147:6; Matt 23:12; James 4:10; 1 Pet 5:6-7; Prov 29:23).

May you truly know the Lord takes pleasure in His people. I bless you to live from the beautification that His salvation and deliverance is to you as one who is humble (Ps 149:4).

I bless you to know the favor, grace and elegance that the Lord gives the humble (Prov 3:34).  May you receive more of the grace of the Lord as you grow in humility (James 4:6). I bless you with grace from the Lord “that which affords joy, pleasure, delight, sweetness, charm, loveliness and grace of speech” (Strong’s G5485 charis for grace).

As you remain humble, may you continually be blessed with and increase your joy in the Lord. I bless you to rejoice in the Holy One of Israel (Is 29:19).

The High and Lofty One—the One whose name is Holy—dwells in the high and holy place with those who have a humble spirit. May you be blessed to dwell with the Lord who inhabits eternity. May your spirit be revived as you dwell with the Lord in the high and holy place (Is 57:15).

As you pray in humility before the Lord your God, may the Lord release angels with assignments and messages to your prayers like He did for Daniel (Dan 10:12).

I encourage you to always remain humble, for in doing so, you shall be able trust in the name of the Lord (Zeph 3:12).

I encourage you to learn from the gentleness and humility of heart that is found in Jesus/Yeshua. May you find rest for your soul in Him (Matt 11:28-30).

I bless you with humbling yourself like a child. In doing so, may you be blessed with a position of greatness in the Kingdom of heaven (Matt 18:4).

I bless you with courage and wisdom to associate only with those who are humble (Rom 12:16).

Beloved, let the thinking of Christ Jesus and His humility be in you. When Jesus Christ took on human form, He left His equality with God the Father and the reputation of this equality when He came to earth. Jesus/Yeshua humbled Himself and became human. It was so important for Yeshua/Jesus to be in relationship with all mankind and to die for all sins, that He was able to humble Himself to die the death of a sinner on a cross. In doing so, God exalted Him to a place that is higher than any person can attain. All will bow and confess that Yeshua/Jesus Christ is Lord in order to glorify God the Father (Phil 2:5-11).  May you be blessed with the humility that comes from Christ in order to be effective in the work of the Kingdom of Heaven. I bless you in the name of Yeshua, in the name of Jesus.

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Copyright 2016 Rivkah Isaacs