Treasured Wellness 365 Consultations


Over the years, Rivkah has developed resources that minister to the human spirit and soul. These can be found on the blog or the store. While many people have found healing and restoration through these resources, they do not directly address the human body. Since we are three parts—spirit, soul and body, Rivkah sought a modality to address the body in order to minister to the whole person.

These Treasured Wellness 365 Consultations are geared to minister to the human body through a muscle testing technique that allows the body to quantumly clear pathogens, toxins and other harmful substances. Thus, increasing the body’s resources to heal itself. In subsequent sessions, Rivkah provides product and supplement testing, and nutrient testing.

As a follower of Yeshua HaMashiach/Jesus Christ, Rivkah has researched many healing modalities in order to find those that fit within the framework of the Word of God. This process of quantum clearing works strictly with the body’s electrical system and DNA. We live in an electric universe. This work is based on the fact that our DNA is basically a quantum computer. Data can be transferred via an electrical connection with this muscle testing technique from the practitioner to the client. Rivkah only muscle tests the body and does NOT muscle test the human spirit or the human soul, or muscle test any spirit or soul for that matter.


Each Treasured Wellness 365 Consultation is conducted by Zoom Meeting or phone. The quantum clearing is done via muscle testing. In the first appointment, a quantum clearing scan is conducted in order to aid the body in its natural ability to release pathogens and toxins from the body. It gives a reset to the body to facilitate the body’s ability to heal itself.

Rivkah follows a thorough protocol in order to give each client the most comprehensive scan to date possible. The first session is limited to 60 minutes. In order to maximize the time in each session for the quantum work, please share any history in the intake form at the time of scheduling your session that is pertinent to the quantum clearing.

Subsequent sessions focus on scanning the systems of the body to see if there has been any disruption to them. In addition, these sessions include testing supplements/products, as well as testing nutrient levels in the body. 



Quantum Muscle Testing – Video Link



A follow-up scan includes testing the body systems, testing nutrient levels in the body, and product/supplement testing. Testing nutrient levels helps to identify those that are not at optimal levels. Being able to bring the nutrient levels in the body to optimal levels gives the body what it needs to facilitate its ability to heal and repair itself.

The product testing is important in order to eliminate using products and supplements that cause disruption to the body’s hormones, neurotransmitters, and systems in the body. When detrimental products and supplement disrupt hormones, neurotransmitters and body systems, the body is limited in its ability to heal itself. There are some products that surprisingly are detrimental to the body that claim to be clean products.


Muscle Testing Nutrient Levels and Product Testing Supplements – Video Link


Product Testing Contactants – Video Link


Product Testing Inhalants – Video Link


Quantum Clearing FAQ – Video Link





Rivkah’s Quantum Muscle Testing Testimonial – Link to Video

Thanks Rivkah! Your product testing has helped me choose vitamins and products that are right for me. I have more energy and feel more mentally alert. It’s good to know I’m taking products that are safe and in the  right proportion for my body. – Gina

It has been a blessing to have met Rivkah and receive prayer ministry for inner healing. She is very compassionate, caring and I felt comfortable sharing my story with her without feeling judged. She is willing to go the second mile to help find or research a solution. I feel there has been some breakthroughs in my life and even in my family around me. – Connie

It’s been a blessing to receive prayer ministry from Rivkah. I feel she has a wealth of knowledge, as well as being led by the Holy Spirit. Even though there are thoughts that I feel might be peculiar, she is gifted at interpreting and understanding how to pray about the situation. After a prayer session, I walk away feeling that there is hope and feel more enriched in my spiritual journey.  – Allison