Treasures of Glory, LLC’s mission is to advance the Gospel of Peace/Shalom by providing resources developed for the edification, nurturing, and restoration of the human spirit, soul and body.

As the Executive Director of Treasures of Glory, LLC, Rivkah Isaacs carries out her passion and calling to bring restoration to people through the love, the peace, the grace, and the favor of God.

This is demonstrated in her teaching on the Fruit of the Holy Spirit as Spiritual Warfare. In this series, she teaches that God gives believers specialized weapons with which to fight spiritual battles. One powerful weapon against the enemy is the Fruit of the Holy Spirit. God has given His children promises and provision in the Fruit of the Holy Spirit, which the enemy wants to steal, kill and destroy. Understanding these promises and putting them into action enable us to engage in effective warfare and successfully combat the enemy’s tactics.

For nearly two years, she led the National Prayer Team for The 2016 Committee, Formerly the National Draft Ben Carson for President Committee, with over 6,000 members who joined together to pray for the healing of the United States of America. Under Treasures of Glory Ministries, Rivkah continues the work in praying for the healing of the nations.