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“My testimony is from June 15, 2015. The theme for prayer was for healing broken hearts. Rivkah prayed and read scriptures on this subject. I had been experiencing a lot of pain in my heart since my mother’s passing into Heaven on December 31, 2011. When Rivkah prayed, I went before the Lord open to the Ministry of the Holy Spirit. The next morning I realized the pain was not so sharp the next day. 

“I believe God restored and healed my broken heart. He, as Rivkah put it, cleaned the wounds and did what was needed before bandaging. I felt He cured and healed my broken heart.” 

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“Praise the Lord!!! My husband has shown interest in attending church! My church has a new pastor who is NOT politically correct and will speak the truth in love! God is moving in my home and in my church. I continue to pray that the plans God has for my home and family and Nation will prosper. I see God intervening with my mother-in-law and revealing Himself to her and she is beginning to be receptive toward Him! My son and daughter still need more prayer, but I know God will intervene there, too. Hallelujah! To be able to praise the Lord in my own home without fear of condemnation from my family is a huge milestone. God has given me the privilege to teach Sunday school to adults older than myself and He has given me the words, the understanding, the power and courage to do it! Thank you God through your Son Jesus who calls us out of darkness into the light and gives us the Spirit so that we may be victorious in every righteous work you have ordained for us through the Power of your Holy Spirit we claim Ephesians 3:20!

“Shalom and May God richly bless all the members of this Prayer Team as we march onward with our petitions and intercessions for this Nation and Israel and the world!”

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“On July 4, 2010, the Lord spoke very clearly to me:  ‘Pray for your Nation!’  God was inviting me to pray to Him about the future of our Country. Wow! I did so for that following year.  Then, as July 4, 2011 was approaching He spoke the very same thing to me once again: ‘Pray for your Nation!’ And I continued to pray as He asked–with some urgency this time. Then, two years ago it wasn’t the Lord inviting me to pray for my Nation, but it was Rivkah as a newly appointed Prayer Team leader. Of course, I joined the Prayer Team at that point. I am so thankful to this Prayer Team because it is the fulfillment of what God had asked me to do, but it is also so much more–prayer on a National level along with hundreds of other Americans located from Coast to Coast. Can’t thank you all enough, and especially Father God for His Love and Care for our Nation.”  

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“I don’t think I expected any particular change from participating in the Monday night Prayer Group; however, from the vantage point of time spent in the prayer group over months and years, I see my relationship with G-d has greatly improved, amazingly so. I see the biggest improvement in the participation of a Holy Covenant with G-d, being aware of my relationship within the Holy Priesthood of a Sovereign G-d, which was a revelation to me and it continues to be a revelation to me.

“I am less pulled and prodded by the varying winds of current emotional distress that currently threatens our United States and all the people who live within its borders. I have a lovely objectivity, knowing that a Sovereign G-d has things firmly in hand, and is aware of everything that is happening to us and around the world.

“Participation in the prayer group has been a delight and a joy; I love praying with my sisters and brothers in Christ over the phone. I am always in awe of the wonderful prayers that come from the lips of the praying. I have never heard such sincerity, passion and concern from a collected body of believers. I am so grateful for the participation in the prayer group; it reminds me of a home away from home and a genuinely concerned and loving body of believers. Would that all churches had this level of belief and commitment; we would change the known world, just as the original apostles and disciples did when Jesus was first resurrected.

“I am grateful for the hard work and diligence Rivkah Isaacs has demonstrated for our prayer group; she has been an inspiration and a superb role model. May the Lord greatly bless her and her family.

“But for the prayer group I would not be aware of the need for a greater commitment and a deeper walk with the One who saves our souls.”

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“Since being a part of the Prayer Team, my intimacy with the Lord has deepened through the topics we have covered. The implementation of repentance and replacement of the Word of God in my life has enabled me to offer forgiveness to people who have hurt me. I have received  healing for my heart & mind and now know that I truly belong to the Lord. There have been answered prayers for my family. I noticed we are treating one another with increased kindness and respect. The Lord has used the Prayer Team to make changes in my life and those around me. Praise the Lord!

“It has been such a blessing hearing all of your prayers for our Nation and Israel. I think what blesses me the most is that we are from different backgrounds and different denominations, and we are praying together in unity for ourselves, our Nation and Israel. My prayer life has become enriched and my life has taken on new meaning since becoming a part of our Prayer Team.

“Thank you Lord and thank you Prayer Team

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“My name is Esther and I am originally from Switzerland. My family and I moved to Illinois due to my husband’s job transition in December 2015. Even while in Switzerland, I prayed for America and particularly for Dr. Ben Carson to become the next president. So, I joined the prayer team back there, but only got to join the calls in December. Being on the Prayer Team has been a huge blessing. I no longer feel alone with my burden for the U.S.

“Thanks to Rivkah’s leadership, I am growing in my understanding of how to pray more strategically and specifically for the country. I really appreciate listening to all of my dear prayer warrior friends pray and it also helps me to intensify my own prayer life!

“As for praying for Dr. Carson, although I was very disappointed when he suspended his campaign, I believe that the Lord has used our prayers to put Dr. Carson in a very influential position. I am sure we will see and hear more of his positive influence in these elections and particularly with Trump. I learned that the Lord’s ways are higher and different from what I expect, but I am very confident that He is mightily at work in your wonderful country.

“I also sense that the Lord has called me to be on the Prayer Team so that I can learn and grow in understanding the connection between prayer and politics, so that in due time, I can take this back to my beloved but troubled country of Switzerland and apply it there. I want to thank all of you, and particularly Rivkah, for being such faithful prayer partners with me!”