Supernatural Abundance

Supernatural abundance is essential in order to bring the Kingdom of Heaven to earth. I devote an entire seminar on Fruit of the Holy Spirit as Spiritual Warfare over the Spirit of Poverty. In addition to my own research on this, I learn much from what the Lord teaches me through the writings and ministries of others.

Leif Hetland, founder of Global Missions Awareness, just released his latest eBook this week, “Supernatural Abundance: A Journey to the Father’s Heart.” I am pleased to be part of the launch team to spread the word about his new book. I invite you on a journey to see, feel and relate to the heart of the Father through the pages of this book.

“Supernatural Abundance,” expresses the heart of Father God and His abundance for us. The book drew me in with a heart-felt story of the father’s love for his sons that captures a picture of the relationship of Father God with His children. Many times I cried. I saw myself reflected in the story as I have often sought to earn the love of the Father. My view of how the Father sees me has deepened further as a result of reading this book.

Leif lays a foundation for supernatural abundance from scripture and teaches on character, stewardship and principles that are essential to break free from living in poverty. All these things are found as we live in relationship with a good, loving Father. Like all relationships, this takes time to cultivate.

In this book, Leif describes what abundance is and what it is not. He explains why it is important for children of the Father to know how to access and live from abundance. Abundance comes from a wonderful Father who loves us more than we can begin to imagine. What a good Father we have!

Click here for more information on Leif Hetland, Global Mission Awareness and his book, “Supernatural Abundance: A Journey to the Father’s House.”

April 16, 2014